We work with two kinds of leather. These are named according to the treatment (tanning) process that the cowhide undergoes:

  • Vegetable-tanned leather is treated with tannins from vegetable/plant matter. This is the oldest leather treatment process and also takes the longest which is why vegtan leather is generally more costly.
  • Chrome-tanned leather has been treated with chromium salts which belong to a group of mineral tannins. This is the most common tanning process in the leather industry and the result is a softer, more pliable leather compared to vegtan leather.

After tanning, both of these types of leather are dyed with analine dyes. The dye penetrates the leather thoroughly and the result is the most natural looking leather. Full-grain leather refers to a hide that, after dying, has not been buffed (sanded) and where the natural grain pattern, including any skin irregularities, are visible.